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Vector Fabrics Agent Feb 20 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release greatly improves the robustness of Pareon's front-end that compiles and analyzes programs. Pareon is now fully compatible with Clang 3.4 and is able to analyze programs even if they terminate unexpectedly.

Furthermore, Pareon displays histograms for the number of loop iterations and for the execution times of functions and loops. Pareon also reports more variable names for dependencies which improves the consistency with the source code. Also, we improved the analysis of recursive functions: the reported execution times are more accurate and we added the option to show all relevant dependencies between a parent function and its recursive calls.

We further reduced the start-up time of Pareon, especially if a project is loaded for the first time. Finally we fixed a couple of bugs and improved Pareon's usability in various ways.


  • Pareon is now fully compatible with Clang 3.4.
  • Pareon finishes analysis successfully even if the programs under analysis terminates unexpectedly
  • Display histograms for the number of loop iterations and execution time of functions and loops
  • Analyze and display dependencies between a parent function and recursive calls
  • Support for confining analysis of C++ programs to a specific part of interest
  • libvfrun.so reports its version number

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Property pane is not cleared after switching project
  • Fixed: Profile disappears in case of extreme zooming
  • Fixed: Occasional wrong function name for dependencies in recursive programs
  • Fixed: Too many inbound/outbound compute dependencies shown
  • Fixed: Missing function call in 1D/2D-Profile due to inlining
  • Fixed: User project not shown when switching from user projects to tutorials and back
  • Fixed: Dependency incorrectly reported as 'induction variable'
  • Fixed: Error when saving a custom perspective
  • Fixed: Wrong ordering of functions in the 1D/2D-Profile that are called through function pointers
  • Fixed: Project is locked after opening a tutorial
  • Fixed: Inconsistent budget and slack times after setting a constraint time

Usability improvements:

  • Simplify properties of dependencies in recursive functions
  • More variable names reported for compute dependencies
  • Improve estimated execution time for functions that are called recursively
  • Major performance improvement in loading a project
  • Show condensed call stacks in properties of dependencies by default
  • Always show 2D-Profile tab after querying for dependencies

Vector Fabrics Agent September 11, 2013 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release of Pareon adds support for analyzing programs that use the fork() system call to fork off other processes. It also improves the analysis of dependencies in recursive functions and extends the detection of reduction patterns to functions that are called deep inside loops of interest. We also greatly improved Pareon's start-up time and reduced the memory consumption, especially for big programs. Finally we fixed a couple of bugs and introduced many usability improvements.


  • Support for programs that fork() off other processes.
  • Extend detection of reduction patterns to child functions of a loop.
  • 'Pareon report' also outputs speedup, energy consumption and mapping information.

Usability improvements:

  • Improve dependency analysis on loops in recursive functions.
  • Added grouping of dependencies by allocated memory.
  • Display warnings for non-analyzed native functions when parallelizing loops.
  • Output OpenMP refactoring steps for 2-D synchronization pattern.
  • Decrease memory consumption for 'Pareon import'.
  • Decrease loading time of Pareon's user interface.
  • Speed up computation of dependency grouping by functions.
  • Significantly reduce Pareon's heap size, especially for big programs.
  • Added option in UI to disable automatic recalculation of partitions and profile.
  • Improve outlining of code when using view-in-source.
  • Improve 'find source file' dialog to handle long paths.
  • Update vfperipherals.h to allow linking with C++ programs.
  • Vfcc support for preprocessed .i and .ii files, also in heterogeneous mode.
  • Include pid in the name of the trace file generated by Vfrun
  • Use environment variables instead of hard-coded paths for the ARM platforms.

Bug fixes:

  • Error when selecting a loop-carried compute dependency from a schedule of a parallelized loop.
  • Error in UI after (un)parallelizing with '< 1%' filter.

  • Error 'Unable to update dependency pane selection'.
  • Error when switching projects after showing data dependencies.
  • False dependency across reallocated memory when using operators 'new' and 'delete' in tcmalloc library.
  • OpenMP refactoring step refers to an outlined loop.
  • Unknown 'Loop id' in the name of a memory dependency in a recursive function.
  • Spurious 'PLT stub' invocations in the Profile.
  • Loading another project through the start perspective doesn't invalidate the properties pane.
  • Broken dynamic help in for Partitions, Schedule and Resource panes.
  • Source code not shown after entering the path to a file that could not be found.
  • Vfrun cannot handle source files with thread-local storage (TLS).
  • Failure of 'vfcc -S' if the assembly file already exists.
  • Possible error in applications that exec() other programs.

Help / documentation

  • Improved documentation on ARM tool chains.

Vector Fabrics Agent April 25, 2013 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release adds a number of major new features to Pareon. We now show refactoring steps that describe how to parallelize loops using OpenMP pragmas, which enables you to easily implement the data-parallel loops that you found with Pareon. Also, Pareon now models and estimates how much energy is consumed by functions and loops in your program (excluding intrinsic functions). In order to use these experimental features you need to enable them in vfLabs.

We also greatly improved the reporting of variable names associated with dynamically allocated memory which makes it easier to understand dependencies in your program. Futhermore we added a 32-bit version of our compiler and run-time to support compilation and execution on 32-bit host platforms.

Finally we fixed a number of bugs and corner cases, mainly in compiling and analyzing programs.


  • OpenMP refactoring steps for parallel loops (in vfLabs).
  • Estimation of energy consumption of functions and loops (in vfLabs).
  • Support for compilation and execution on 32-bit host platform.
  • Show name, type and allocation site for variables that point to dynamically allocated memory.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug in mixed VFS/native-compiled programs that pass a struct by value through variable arguments.
  • Fixed detection of induction expression for expressions that involve pointer arithmetic.
  • Fixed possible crash during execution of VFS-compiled programs.
  • Fixed: clicking the Pareon icon in Applications->Programming does not start the GUI on CentOS.

  • Fixed possible segmentation fault on CentOS.
  • Fixed: reduction expression wrongly recognized as induction expression in case of conditional updates.
  • Fixed problem during linking due to a bad relocation emitted for unreferenced global variable.
  • Fixed crash in computing loop-carried dependencies for local variables with dynamic size.
  • Fixed possible crash while changing the clock frequency of an ARM CPU model.
  • Removed unnecessary 'Isolate' and 'Outline' refactoring steps for nested partitions.
  • Fixed error in case the '_entry' invocation is selected while trying to change the CPU model.
  • Fixed invalid reported memory penalty of more than 100%.
  • Fixed support for compiling with -O4, -O5, -O6, and -Os options.
  • Fixed possible error while running a VFS-compiled program on a 32-bit host.
  • Added missing quad-word and mpi support for add and sub instructions.
  • Fixed wrong visibility of ELF alias symbols.
  • Fixed possible problem while analyzing multi-threaded programs that use signals.
  • Fixed possible problem with native time measurements.
  • Fixed representation of multiple VFS-compiled functions called from a native-compiled function.

Usability improvements:

  • Improved performance of program analysis.
  • Added help text in case of incorrect usage of 'pareon-register'.

Vector Fabrics Agent March 11, 2013 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release addresses a small number of issues present in the current Pareon 2.11 release (2.11.105). You can update your existing Pareon 2.11 installation by updating the 'pareon211' and 'pareon-compile211' packages using your operating system's package management tools. For Ubuntu systems this is done through 'apt-get install' and for CentOS through the 'yum update' command.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix incorrect number of dependencies in the schedule view.
  • Fix issue in opening existing projects after updating an existing Pareon installation.

Note for Ubuntu 12.04.2 users:

Vector Fabrics Agent February 22, 2013 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release adds support for analyzing programs that use C signals. Pareon visualizes the functions that run inside signal handlers in separate threads.

We changed the supported host platforms that Pareon runs on. We dropped official support for the Ubuntu 11.10 platform, but added support for the CentOS 6.3 platform. We also added vfTasks, our supporting library for creating parallel programs, to the installation package by default. Furthermore we simplified the installation procedure. More information is available in the documentation which can be accessed from the web site.

We slightly changed the behavior of the Pareon 'open' command to make it more consistent. See the notes below for details.

We also fixed a number of bugs and implemented some usability improvements.


  • Support for the CentOS 6.3 host platform.
  • Support for analyzing programs that use C signals.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed mixing up of function types 'opaque' and 'intrinsic' in pareon 'report' output.
  • Fixed wrong code coverage for programs that call exit().
  • Fixed failing analysis for some multi-threaded programs.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to parallelize a loop that has not been executed.
  • Fixed possible missing loop-carried compute dependencies in refactoring steps.
  • Fix duplicate compute dependencies in refactoring steps.
  • Fixed out-of-memory error while analyzing programs that do a call to read() which fails.

Usability improvements:

  • Reduced size of the pareon-compile installation package.
  • Reduce the size of the analysis trace file generated in case of offline analysis.
  • Several improvements in the behavior of the Pareon 'open' command:
    • Require explicit path to project to avoid ambiguous behavior, e.g., use 'pareon open .' to open project in current directory.
    • Executing 'pareon open' without project directory specified opens the welcome screen.
    • Reporting of errors in case the specified project can not be opened (e.g. is corrupt, does not exist, wrong version, version file missing).
    • Report warnings and errors from the UI daemon.
  • Further improved timing estimates of native functions.
  • Various consistency improvements in dependency properties and associated help pages.

Help & Tutorials:

  • Added a help page that explains how to identify and resolve loop-carried dependencies.
  • Added new tutorial 104.
  • Added vfTasks to the debian and yum packages.