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Vector Fabrics Support December 8, 2014 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release brings a speedup in execution and analysis of instrumented multi-threaded programs. We also extended support for signal handling and improved the presentation of signals and threads in the Profile views of Pareon. Finally we fixed various issues and implemented some usability improvements. 

Vector Fabrics Support September 5, 2014 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release fixes a few minor issues and adds more detailed information about components in the architecture pane.


  • More detailed information in architecture pane for CPU and memory components.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue in memory penalty computation.
  • Fix issue in iteration time variance histogram.

Vector Fabrics Support August 22, 2014 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release further improves the stability and robustness of Pareon's compilation/analysis front-end, especially in the realm of signal handling, support for POSIX threads, and mixed vfcc/native compilation.

We added a new histogram type that shows the variance in execution duration of loop iterations. This is important information for deciding whether loops can run efficiently in parallel. We also added an option to view dependencies between functions and loops of choice. This is useful to assess whether these functions and loops communicate data between one another.

Finally, we improved performance of the compiler back-end and partitioning analysis, and fixed various small issues.


  • Add histogram to show variance in execution duration of loop iterations
  • Show 'mutual' dependencies between functions and loops

Bug fixes:

  • Fix various small issues in compilation and analysis.

Note: This release is only supported on Ubuntu 12.04 host platforms. Please contact sales@vectorfabrics.com for information about support for other platforms.

Vector Fabrics Support May 26, 2014 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release further improves the stability and robustness of Pareon's front-end. It adds support for variables declared as 'long double', fixes some issues with supporting unions and solves a number of small miscellaneous issues.

Furthermore we greatly increased the speed of the assembler. Typical speedup for compiling and linking C++ programs is about 2x.


  • Support for long doubles

Bug fixes:

  • Improve robustness of union support
  • Fix various small front-end issues
  • Fix various issues in analysis of reduction variables
  • Fix issue with inbound dependencies for functions called through function pointers

Vector Fabrics Support February 20, 2014 Product news and updates / Announcements

This release greatly improves the robustness of Pareon's front-end that compiles and analyzes programs. Pareon is now fully compatible with Clang 3.4 and is able to analyze programs even if they terminate unexpectedly.

Furthermore, Pareon displays histograms for the number of loop iterations and for the execution times of functions and loops. Pareon also reports more variable names for dependencies which improves the consistency with the source code. Also, we improved the analysis of recursive functions: the reported execution times are more accurate and we added the option to show all relevant dependencies between a parent function and its recursive calls.

We further reduced the start-up time of Pareon, especially if a project is loaded for the first time. Finally we fixed a couple of bugs and improved Pareon's usability in various ways.


  • Pareon is now fully compatible with Clang 3.4.
  • Pareon finishes analysis successfully even if the programs under analysis terminates unexpectedly
  • Display histograms for the number of loop iterations and execution time of functions and loops
  • Analyze and display dependencies between a parent function and recursive calls
  • Support for confining analysis of C++ programs to a specific part of interest
  • libvfrun.so reports its version number

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Property pane is not cleared after switching project
  • Fixed: Profile disappears in case of extreme zooming
  • Fixed: Occasional wrong function name for dependencies in recursive programs
  • Fixed: Too many inbound/outbound compute dependencies shown
  • Fixed: Missing function call in 1D/2D-Profile due to inlining
  • Fixed: User project not shown when switching from user projects to tutorials and back
  • Fixed: Dependency incorrectly reported as 'induction variable'
  • Fixed: Error when saving a custom perspective
  • Fixed: Wrong ordering of functions in the 1D/2D-Profile that are called through function pointers
  • Fixed: Project is locked after opening a tutorial
  • Fixed: Inconsistent budget and slack times after setting a constraint time

Usability improvements:

  • Simplify properties of dependencies in recursive functions
  • More variable names reported for compute dependencies
  • Improve estimated execution time for functions that are called recursively
  • Major performance improvement in loading a project
  • Show condensed call stacks in properties of dependencies by default
  • Always show 2D-Profile tab after querying for dependencies